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About us

Universities for the North East is the North East of England's higher education regional association. Universities for the North East brings together the region's 5 universities in the North. Universities for the North East was established in 1998 and launched in Spring 1999 when the Vice-Chancellors of its member institutions met to sign a memorandum of agreement.

Since its launch, Universities for the North East has fostered collaboration amongst its member institutions and worked on behalf of its members to build partnership between the North East higher education sector and other organisations on a regional, national and international level.

This follows a long history of collaboration between the universities in the North East, originally established in 1983 as Higher Education Support for Industry in the North (HESIN) which was primarily a vehicle which facilitated collaborative industrial programmes in the Region.

Universities for the North East membership

The member institutions of Universities for the North East are as follows:

  • EXTERNAL LINK: Durham University
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Newcastle University
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Northumbria University
  • EXTERNAL LINK: University of Sunderland
  • EXTERNAL LINK: Teesside University

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