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Mission, aims and objectives

The mission of Universities for the North East is to encourage, coordinate, facilitate and promote collaborative activities among the higher education institutions of the North East of England, to the benefit the institutions themselves and the region as a whole.

This mission is reflected in the aims and objectives of the association.


  • To be a strategic, outward-facing, regional higher education association which adds value to existing or developing activities of its member institutions, without compromising their individual strategic directions or ambitions, by:
    • facilitating collaborative activities and knowledge exchange between them.
    • acting as a source of intelligence on external developments which represent significant opportunities or threats for two or more member institutions.
  • To identify and support value-added collaborative partnerships with government agencies, businesses, and civil society organisations, and to assist member institutions in making collective contributions to enhancing the economy, society, culture and environment of North East England.
  • To act as a central point of contact and, as a collective voice for the region's Universities on matters agreed by the Board, raising awareness of the activities and achievements of its member institutions amongst regional, national and international stakeholders.


  • To maintain a high level of knowledge and awareness of the activities and achievements of the region's universities.
  • To use horizon-scanning to identify opportunities for strategic collaborations among member institutions, at both national and international levels.
  • To support knowledge transfer and enterprise activities.
  • To provide support to members in developing their capacity to respond to the region's higher skills and workforce development needs.
  • To exert collective influence.

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